Building the next Internet

With a seemingly endless list of possible applications, blockchain technology is set to change the way businesses operate at the same scale that social media, artificial intelligence and industrial robotics have in the past.

The evolution of the blockchain requires a catalyst to demonstrate the full benefits of the technology to investors and users. We have developed a 'blockchain crucible' to identify and fast track successful blockchain software, keeping pace with the rapid growth of the technology.

Helix Applications is the pipeline for developing these exciting new ideas into fully formed, token-free, tangible applications that will benefit real world businesses and institutions, not just the virtual ones. We identify new and existing software concepts and assess their viability for development – or redevelopment – using BTL’s Interbit private megachain development platform.

The applications we develop will set the groundwork and direction for the next evolution of the Internet, using Interbit megachain to make it more decentralized, secure and reliable.