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Helix Logistics Platform

Helix Applications’s first project is the development of a blockchain-based logistics platform. It will bring blockchain out of the world of cryptocurrency and tokens and use it to bring tangible goods and services to bricks and mortar businesses.

The blockchain-based platform allows data to exist in multiple trust domains at once. Enabling it to connect to other industry systems, such as payments, orders and supply chain management programs. This will remove the need for traditional middlemen currently required to coordinate the logistics of goods and data between companies and countries.

Currently in development as part of the Helix Applications’s first app, TruckLovely, the Helix logistics platform will enable users to do everything from arrange deliveries, hail cabs, and request and offer services from anywhere, faster and more effectively. The reduced software-processing requirements, inherent to blockchain make the Helix logistics platform and corresponding apps more customizable and cost effective for users than anything currently on the market.

Helix’s future platforms will enable us to expand into other industries while continuing to increase the functionality and capabilities of current platforms and applications for users.



Current Market: Pickup and delivery services often deal with businesses that require repeat services at regularly scheduled intervals. Routes for vehicles are usually consistent with only slight modifications on a daily basis.

Problem: GPS and route optimization products are made for routing trucks with constantly changing service routes, like couriers. In these cases, route optimization is the basis of the software. It is expensive and ‘bulky’ and it requires significant calculations. It’s not easy to change these routes or link to customer info, which is what regular pickup and delivery services need.

Blockchain Solution: TruckLovely provides a simple system to organize everything for companies who deliver or collect: Customer management, scheduling, routing and accounting. All in one lovely package.


The underlying blockchain platform provides the following benefits for TruckLovely users:

Synchronize trucks with intermittent connectivity: Blockchain’s resiliency enables the system to remain synced with drivers in the field, even those with intermittent connectivity.

Share data across trust boundaries: Full connectivity to other industry systems, including payments, orders and supply chain management programs without the need for a traditional middleman.

Customizable: Users don’t have to be stuck with an “out of the box solution”. TruckLovely can be customized to meet the needs of each business more cost effectively compared to traditional software.

Increased system up time: Reduce the risk of losing customer and order data in the event of a system failure and maintain better connectivity with drivers in the field.

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